Create Many Video Timelines and Switch between them Via a Controller.

    Nov 14 2012 | 7:51 pm
    Hi everyone, Ok im pretty new to Max and I must say its incredible. I downloaded a trial version of the software and followed a few tutorials. Im enjoying it. Here's my project:
    I would like to create many timelines of video and then switch between them via a controller. A 'family tree' kind of setup. So basically I will have video on screen and as I watch it, I'll be able to switch over to another video channel when pressing a button on controller. The project seems simple but I'm sure its more difficult to construct then it sounds. So basically I'm looking for direction, similar tutorials(if any), any advice would be very much appreciated.
    I wanted to ask this question before my trial runs out. If my question is achievable, then I would like to make more of a commitment and buy the software. Once again, I very great full for any direction.