Create patch by programm. How to?

    Jul 28 2008 | 12:15 pm
    Hi all Jitterists)
    Does anybody use a cool old stuff made on PD called "Live-Builder"? Shure yep.
    In this programm I can create a subpatch by changing a general features and just clicking "Build !" Does anybody know HOW TO this possible? And may be share any links to examples how to do this.
    In result - I want to do something like "Video-Live-Builder" and need to generate subpatch with bounded jitwindows, controls and what important - connections.
    If enybody finded any infos in the way of learning Max - It will be GREAT!
    At this time I try to use [pcontrol] with massage "load" and set parameters to [send] and [receive]. Hope I'm in the right way))
    Thanks for your time ! And sorry for the glitchy english)