Creating a panner

    Jul 01 2013 | 11:42 pm
    I was hoping to get some guidance in how to create a panner for a drum machine I've built. The drum machine has 6 modules that can load 6 different drum samples. I would like to find a way to include a pan knob in each module.
    Any guidance or suggested tutorials would be so helpful.

    • Jul 01 2013 | 11:45 pm
      This is the patch I am currently work with as my master trigger for the drum machine.
      Thanks again for any guidance.
    • Jul 02 2013 | 12:13 am
      could you check if you have [m4l.pan1~]? That's a goodun'.
    • Jul 02 2013 | 12:24 am
      hello wetterberg,
      i did manage to find that patch. no I'm just not sure what to do with it. if I send you my patch would you be able to offer guidance?
    • Jul 02 2013 | 8:30 am
      sure, I guess - put it here.
    • Jul 02 2013 | 11:28 am
      thank you so much, wetterberg. I appreciate any guidance in this!
    • Jul 02 2013 | 8:03 pm
      well the panner just goes after your monoOut, really. I'd use live.gain~ after the panners.
    • Jul 03 2013 | 12:14 am
      I don't think I did this correctly. Wetterberg, would you mind looking this over? I appreciate your help!
    • Jul 03 2013 | 9:25 am
      So you hooked up the panner, but only hooked up the left output.
      A panner has one input, two outputs. you used m4l.gain1~ instead of live.gain~, as I suggested.