Creating a Standalone App that uses HUI to communicate with Pro Tools

    Jul 18 2013 | 11:06 pm
    Hi Everyone,
    I have created a Max 5 patch which implements the HUI peripheral in Pro Tools. The patch seems to work fine when running in max msp or in runtime, but when I create and run a stand alone application, the HUI "receive from" menu in pro tools does not show my standalone application as an option. (Setup > Peripherals > MIDI Controllers > HUI) The 'send to" menu appears to work fine - I can see my standalone app there as expected. (See attached Pic's 1 & 2)
    Does anyone know if this is a common issue? I have enabled 'Midi Support' in the 'standalone' object, and once I create & open the standalone version, the MIDI setup shows that both the "to" and "from" ports are active. But despite this, Pro Tools does not seem to recognise the MIDI output from the standalone App.
    My patch is below, if anyone else could try building a standalone application from this patch and see if you can see standalone App in the Pro Tools HUI "recieve from" menu, it would be appreciated. Advice on what the hell I'm doing wrong would also be greatly received.
    I'm on a mac, Max 5 and Pro Tools 9.
    Many thanks