Creating a twitter stream

    Jun 14 2013 | 12:32 am
    I'm trying to see if there'd be a way creating something similar to in for display in a jitter gl.render based system.
    here's what I have in mind, this is for a show, one of the visual "wants" of the show is at one point to display a live twitter feed of tweets with a given #tag relative to the show, people twitting from the audience, performers and so on... what's nice with twitterfall is that when you put it in performance mode and you put the browser in a presentation mode you get a very nice simple clean feed.
    Why I need to get it in max? because I have to find a way to incorporate it into a cuelist (it is a show), I need to fade in out, projection map it to stage surfaces, etc. which a simple webapp can't do obviously...
    I could do a sort of dual projection system with a hardware video switcher, but that is not a route that would be easily available to us... and even then I run into mapping issue since I'm not projecting on a standard screen but on a stage structure
    doing a live screencapture with jit.desktop is too taxing for the machine, I've tried, it works but very unstable... it crashes max almost everytime after a while...
    maybe there are people out there who've attempted something similar? any thoughts, ideas, direction to search into is much appreciated! thanks!

    • Jun 14 2013 | 6:37 pm
      yes, I have done it. I used the Twitter APIs to get a filtered feed to a shared hosting internet server of mine. That ran a process to pre-process the data. Then I had a Max patch which periodically via http called that server process and received a JSON set of data. Then it was in Max and I could render my 3D text.