Creative Music Technology PhD Studentship, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

    Jul 15 2012 | 9:38 pm
    Anglia Ruskin University, Department of Music and Performing Arts, Digital Performance Laboratory invites applications for fully funded three-year full-time Creative Music Technology PhD Studentships (2 studentships overall available within the fields of Music, Drama and Performing Arts)
    You will need to have a fully formed PhD proposal ready for the deadline of 31st July 2012.
    Members of the Digital Performance Laboratory (DPL) are concerned with digital performance and its representations, with an emphasis on digital sound production and human computer interaction.
    Principal DPL research topics include:
    - Music composition (instrumental and electronic, including computer-aided composition); - Algorithmic composition (hardware and software development); - Live, real-time music notation and its role in algorithmic composition, performance and improvisation; - Live, technology-mediated interaction in performance and improvisation and liveness in interaction; - Human computer interaction in music, in particular from the live performer; - Live notation, performance and improvisation; - Software environments for live musical interaction (including SuperCollider); - Multichannel music spatialisation (including Ambisonics); - Augmented and virtual musical instruments; - Music Information Retrieval in live performance; - Gesture analysis and gestural control; - Haptic and tactile interfaces; - Ontologies and notations for live electronics; - Pedagogy of live electronics.
    Note that applicants must complete the Anglia Ruskin PhD application form, and for practice-based research should include a portfolio.
    If you wish to apply, you might also contact Dr Tom Hall or Dr Richard Hoadley regarding the specific topic of your proposed research area: