Cross Modulation Audio Effect

    Nov 04 2010 | 7:48 pm
    Hi,I am new to Max with no experience can anyone help with making this patch.An existing max audio effect can be modified to create this but I can't do it.Thankyou for any help.. Create a stereo cross-modulation (ring modulation) audio effect. Using the to select between modulation with a sine wave, square wave and filtered noise. A frequency control dial has to affect all three modulation types.Use amplitude following to affect the frequency of the modulator. Create a dial that scales the amplitude signal thereby controlling the amount of change of the modulator frequency. Demonstrate this device musically.J.

    • Nov 05 2010 | 12:55 am
      aren´t you afraid, your instructor might see you posting your homework here on the list and ask somebody else to do it for you? if you want a reply, show at least something you have come up with so far, please.
    • Nov 05 2010 | 12:29 pm
      Yep it was a lot easier to do than I thought after afew hours of work so no need for help now.
      Keep your thoughts to yourself Hans this is an open forum not the Gestapo.
    • Nov 05 2010 | 11:16 pm
      lo and behold: hans is a german name. not all people with german names are(were) nazis. some are(were) even jews.
      for the rest: *plonk*
    • Nov 07 2010 | 3:40 pm
      You definitely got the 'plonk' bit right.
    • Nov 07 2010 | 7:56 pm
      Godwin's Law fulfilled in only three posts?? That has to be some kind of record.......I'm not the forum admin, but a long time poster and I have to say your response to kochhw's reply was a little harsh. Your original post reeks of a verbatim Max school task.... Welcome.
    • Nov 07 2010 | 8:10 pm
      I'm going to second Brendan here and also say that Han's reply was perfectly polite. Perhaps it's not that wise to make one post on a forum and then start telling people what they should and shouldn't be saying.
      A lot of people on the forums don't think it's cool to ask them to do your homework for you. However, people here do like to help each other out, and support one another.
    • Nov 07 2010 | 8:39 pm
      closed. ^^