Cross Pollination Suggestions?

    Apr 19 2006 | 8:54 am
    I'm looking at ways of 'cross-breeding' two audio streams to create a live hybrid of the two sounds, using elements of them both.
    So far, I've done loads of work using a barstardized version of the excellent 'cross-dog' patch, as well as other variations of vocoders and the source-filter convolution (as demostrated by the mysterious 'les'), and voulume-sensitive pitch changing between the two streams.
    I was just wondering if anyone had any other suggestions of how two streams can be enjoyably blended into one ?
    It's a genetic thing, in my head......evil sugestions gratefully received!
    Lee Morgan

    • Apr 19 2006 | 9:30 am
      Quote: Lee Morgan wrote on Wed, 19 April 2006 10:54 ---------------------------------------------------- > I was just wondering if anyone had any other suggestions of how two streams can be enjoyably blended into one ?
      apart from those mentioned:
      My favourite ways have to do with auto-panning, tremoloey stuff and bandpass filtering. Used together these can turn any two sound sources into a death-dancing swirling mass of goodness.
      Starting with simple ones: Every few 16th notes the output is switched between the two inputs, creating an automatic beat-juggle of the two.
      Using a notch filter carve out the center frequencies of signal 1. Use a bandpass on signal 2 to remove the highs and lows. Adjust volumes to taste.
      Do the classic notching thing, like traditional engineers do, by turning off alternating bands of a graphical eq, so that it rules out some frequencies on one signal, some on another. If the result sounds dull (which is likely) add some (subtle?)autopanning to both, so that they move left-right in the stereo field crossing each other.
      You could also set up two gates, but have the threshold detection control the gate of the other signal, effectively crossing the wires. Do the same thing with auto-filtering, and other envelope detecting effects.
      And of course the ultimate setup: All of the above
    • Apr 19 2006 | 10:16 am
    • Apr 27 2006 | 6:30 am
      Thanks for your kind suggestions. I've messed around with tremolos, but the eq idea (notch/bandpass filters) is a great one.
      And thanks for the pointer towards little power, Peter: I'll investigate.
    • Apr 27 2006 | 7:15 am
      apart from the stuff already mentioned:
      FM, AM, dynamics effects (with sidechains), or eventually controlling effects on one channel by data evaluated by the other channel.
    • Apr 28 2006 | 8:00 am
      Roman - thanks for the suggestions. I'm intrigued about what you might mean by FM/AM - frequency/amplitude modulation, presumably? Could you expand on this a little? Do you mean the dynamics of one controlling the pitch of the other (which works well) or something stranger?
      Best wishes,
      Lee Morgan