Csound-like way to trigger events?

    Apr 02 2019 | 12:02 am
    Hi Is there a way to trigger events with a Csound like score. I would like to have the starting time trigger a note (and other parameters) but something like that does not exist in Max. I tried in the past with using colls and match/select but that does not work as I cannot set a list of values to match. Any idea on how to do this in Max? The Csound object is unavailable it seems but I would prefer a Max solution.

    • Apr 02 2019 | 12:41 am
      there is the qlist object, and you could definitely do a system similar with coll, though you'll have to patch your own logic a lot in order to parse your messages into e.g. pipe or other stuff
    • Apr 02 2019 | 4:03 pm
      Hi Thinksamuel, what do you mean by "that does not work as I cannot set a list of values to match. "? I might be able to help, I made a csound score like player with coll.
    • Apr 02 2019 | 4:30 pm
      I don't have the patch for it anymore but I had a coll with the time values, which I read using a bang to move to the next line.
      Basically what I tried was something like metro (counting in milliseconds) --> counter --> match <argument from coll> --> if match, then match sends a trigger to coll for the next line and then the counter. The problem with that was that sometimes values got skipped.
    • Apr 03 2019 | 10:32 am
      here's a basic example of how you might do it:
      the coll item's addresses are the event start times (in ms), from which delta-time is calculated and sent to a delay object, to delay the triggering of the next event
    • Apr 03 2019 | 1:28 pm
      That seems to do the trick. Thank you!