ctrl+alt+repeat [winter 2006]

    Feb 14 2006 | 11:53 pm
    ctrl+alt+repeat [winter 2006] an evening of experimental electronics and new music saturday, february 18 at 4 pm [free]
    featuring performances by: mark trayle [ http://music.calarts.edu/~met/ ] kraig grady [ http://www.anaphoria.com/ ] logreybeam [ http://www.typerecords.com/ ] mem1 [ http://www.mem1.com/ ]
    inmo gallery [ http://www.inmogallery.net ] 114 west fifth street los angeles, ca 90013 213.626.5225
    directions/location: inmo gallery is located on fifth street between spring and main: http://maps.google.com/maps?oi=map&q=114+West+Fifth+Street,+ Los +Angeles,+CA+90013
    look for a sign that says billy's coffee shop. the entrance is a huge metal door with 114 on it. [but no signage that actually says inmo gallery.] there is metered street parking, and $5 garage parking nearby.
    for more information about the event and performers, go to http:// www.ctrl-alt-repeat.com/
    hope to see you there, -l&m
    -- mem1 p.o. box 42074 los angeles, ca 90042 http://www.mem1.com mem1@mem1.com