Custom MIDI Looper with Instrument Rack

    Oct 11 2013 | 10:43 pm
    Hi. I need someone to build a midi looper patch that does the following
    • An instrument rack of multiple instruments. • A midi looping plugin which has a bank of 16-32 available slots. • Whatever instrument in the chain/rack is selected will be recorded as midi into the next available slot. • Each slot 'remembers' which instrument in the rack was selected during recording and plays only those back. • This means you can select other instrument(s) and record into the next slot and only that instrument will be played back.
    The idea is that you'd map 16-32 buttons to each slot. For example I'd use the launchpad and would want to be able to see no light for an empty patch, red for recording, orange for playing back and green for not playing.
    Is someone up for building this?