Custom Object palette (Max5) not working in Max6?

    Nov 04 2011 | 6:57 pm
    Hi! I imported my custom object palettes and their SVG icons from max5 into Max 6, but the new object Explorer doesn't display any. I guess the new menu doesn't use the palette*.json files in the same way as before. Are they still used at all? What has changed?

    • Nov 15 2011 | 4:16 pm
      Anybody else having this problem? How can you get your bpatchers with custom icons in the new menu?
    • Dec 05 2011 | 4:35 pm
      Bump! Last attempt at not talking to myself, I'm sure I'm not the only one who was using custom object icons in Max 5 menu...
    • Dec 06 2011 | 7:52 am
      I only gave it a bit of searching but also noticed my customs objects are not functionnal in Max 6. Any information would be great indeed.
    • Aug 03 2012 | 2:57 pm
      Did anyone ever get back to you on the custom palettes? Also, i have a couple of object created for max 5 witch use to have a UI in the presentation mode that will not appear in the new max 6 object exploer (all paths are properly configered). Now in Max6, all my max objects are simple boxes with no GUI placed in the patcher category. Anyone has an idea on that?