customized "more simpler" help

    May 14 2021 | 3:16 pm
    Hello there, I am trying to create a sampler that allow me to sample on the fly from any track, and then being able to play the recording. I am not far from success, but I am stopped due to my little knowledge in Max. I am customizing the "more simpler", with a part of the SamSamsampler from bass079 ( Actually, it works but is very buggy : 1/I have to load first an instance of the samsamsampler, then replacing it by my device, so that the input source works ok. 2/then I load a sample by drag and dropping, to my "more simpler frz". 3/ after all this, I can finally record from the chosen input source. If someone can help me solving these issues, i would be so grateful !
    My device is attached to this post, and the samsam sampler can be seen following the link above.

    • May 15 2021 | 9:31 am
      I am slowly going crazy trying to understand what happen. Maybe some more about my investigations : - why the DRD boxes (in the bpatcher input sources) are becoming brown when in my device while they are working ok in the original device (samsam sampler). - next step will be to solve how the record/buffer boxes works, but I have to solve this input trouble before. - last dumb question : may be a sampler already exist, with on the fly recording function and you can play pitched sample ? (ah ah !). I spent some time searching on, but didn't find it.
    • May 15 2021 | 4:03 pm
      that DRD "objects" are patches which got included into amxd file in original device. When you copy the patch without having them in the search path, they get lost and can't be found. So to start with, you have to deencapsulate and copy them out while editing original device. I looked shortly at what you uploaded. You can simplify this all, you need as first input selector then recorder, and at the end playback.
      Only issuing input selector for the recorder is Live specific thing. Recording and playback is same in Max so I am sure you can find enough examples showing how to record and playback audio. And try to avoid beginner mistakes as in that sampler.
    • May 16 2021 | 1:12 pm
      Cool thanks for your explanation ! Sorry for the noob questions…