cv.jit.blobs.recon and cv.jit.blobs.sort together?

    Nov 16 2006 | 12:19 pm
    Hi all,
    Is it possible or even necessary to combine both cv.jit.blobs.recon and cv.jit.blobs.sort?
    When I use .recon the blobs swap is it because my training is not right?

    • Nov 17 2006 | 12:33 am
      What do you mean by the blobs "swapping"? If you mean that the labels change as the blobs move, that's due to the labeling algorithm, and yes, cv.jit.blobs.sort will help with that. cv.jit.blobs.recon isn't at fault if that's the case. Try looking at the output of cv.jit.label with cv.jit.blobs.color. Do the colors change? Then using cv.jit.blobs.sort might be useful.
    • Nov 17 2006 | 2:54 am
      Thanks Jean-Marc,
      I will try to use the output of .sort to stop the labels changing in .recon. I had a little trouble doing it earlier, but will try again.
      Thanks again and thanks for cv.jit, it is a great tool.
    • Nov 17 2006 | 11:21 am
      Hi Jean-Marc!
      I am using cv.jit with great success like everyone else.
      Today I have noticed that I cannot get any collectives or applications using cv.jit objects to work. The building process works fine, but once you open the collective it crashes..
      I have tried this with my own patches as well as the orginial cv.jit help files.
      Hope you can help!
      many thanks hiaz
    • Nov 20 2006 | 1:18 am
      Hi Hiaz,
      I Just tried building collectives on a Mac, and didn't have any problems. An idea: you built your collective using the objects for Jitter 1.5 but are trying to run the collective with Jitter 1.6 (or vice-versa).