cv.jit.faces not working. problem w/ cv.jit.resize and jit.matrix dimensions.

    Mar 04 2013 | 1:13 am
    I'm a noob. Just started working with Max. On Mac computers, this seems to work fine, but I'm currently using Windows 7. I open the original cv.jit.faces help file patcher that came with the latest version of the cv.jit library. I load a video, a standard QuickTime MOV, and I hear the audio but the video doesn't show. For some reason the debugger doesn't seem to be working so I manually test the route from the object thru to the jit.pwindow object which should display the video. Directly from the qt object it works. Yay. And from jit.rgb2luma as well. Sweet. I plug it in from cv.jit.resize and NOTHING. I try the similar jit.matrix without any dimensions. It works! I change the dimensions to 160 120 which is what the dim of cv.jit resize was. Now all I get is what appears to be a dimension of 1 1. It's just one solid block of black or gray. I try changing the dimensions but no matter what numbers I put in I just get solid a grayscaling block.
    Now I need to adjust the dimensions because in the patcher it says you want a very low resolution video for the cv.jit.faces object to be most effective. However, in addition to my resizing problems, the cv.jit.faces object isn't working anyway! I plug it into the pwindow display and there's no output.
    As I said, I'm very new to Max and don't really know how to troubleshoot specifics, but seeing as it's an unaltered patcher from the cv.jit library, this is very confusing. I know there's been some issues with using Max on Windows, but the Max program in general seems to work fine. No glitches in the interface or anything. (The debugger didn't seem to work in this patcher, but it works in others. I could enable it here, but nothing happened, red watchers didn't show up, no step activation available in debugger window, not messages being "printed" in debugger window.)
    So I'm at a loss. Any ideas?