cv.jit.touches.recycle troubleshooting

    Jun 29 2014 | 10:11 pm
    Hi all,
    I've been building something that tracks small points of light with the cv.jit.touches.recycle. Is there a way to stop it from reading the same blob (in this case, the same point of light) twice, i.e. assigning '0' and '2' to the same blob? I know it's not the exact same blob but 2 blobs very close to each other, what I need is some way to make sure it can't detect new blobs anywhere near an existing blob.
    The radius and threshold controls are still confusing me after a good amount of playing around with them. If your blobs are of a specific size, should you set the threshold to just below the radius amount? It's hard to tell if threshold is doing much of anything in my patch, and even with a smaller radius amount blobs still seem to latch onto each other if in close proximity, making them swap around numbers etc.
    I know this is a popular patch, so I hope some of you can advise - or if you have a recommendation for another object instead of touches, I'm all ears!