cycle~ now uses a 16k sample wavetable... sound files for other basic waveforms?

    Jul 13 2012 | 8:02 pm
    Hi everybody, I'm interested in using cycle~ to play back basic synthesis waveform shapes (saw, triangle, etc), but I don't have the chops to generate 16k sample sound files to use as a buffer in cycle~. Are these files floating around out there?

    • Jul 13 2012 | 10:47 pm
      tri~, rect~, saw~ no good?
    • Jul 14 2012 | 1:01 am
      it's an efficiency thing, want to be able to change waveforms on the fly from a single object.
    • Jul 14 2012 | 9:21 am
      They're part of the standard distribution, I think. Have a look in Max6/examples/synths/FM/lib.
      Someone here posted loads of other waveforms- google Adventure Kid and you'll find the stuff.
    • Jul 14 2012 | 9:40 am
      Ignore my last post- I wasn't paying attention!
    • Jul 14 2012 | 6:02 pm
      People following this thread may be interested in the excellent patch that Peter McCulloch posted here ( -- it's a patch that generates sawtooth, square wave, and triangle wave buffers that include the first n partials in the waveform, 8192 samples long. Very useful.
    • Jul 14 2012 | 10:51 pm
      Also you can use poly~ to wrap the appropriate oscillators and call them on demand, which will give superior sound quality, especially for waves like sawtooth, which have tons of high partials. If you do it with a wavetable, your wave will either be way too dark, or super-aliased...
      Check the poly~ helpfile under the "dynamic polyphony" tab for more details.