Data storage into preset object or jitter matrix or... ?

    Apr 07 2014 | 8:12 am
    Hi all,
    this week end I worked on a sound / light creation, using a max patch to drive 8 sunstrips, 2 strobs, 4 blinders lights. The way I did it is building the interface with faders (pretty much the same as a light console, with a few twist like LFOs ...), storing the presets with a preset object, and then sequencing the presets from ableton live. I use a midi to dmx little box I bought from Interface Z, and it worked like a charm (this box takes Midi CCs and just transform them into DMX signals, so basically multiply by 2 the MIDI CC).
    It all worked allright and it was tight, I didn't notice any lag or bug, but I'm wondering if my system is OK if I have to drive larger lighting setups, with a much larger number of parameters (Which I'll have to do really soon).
    I know nothing about jitter matrixes, but do you think it would be a better solution to use matrixes to store large numbers of parameters ? I love the preset object and the way it works with the pattrstorage system, also the ability to morph from a preset to another is great, but is it as fast as storing and recalling data into tables or matrixes ?
    If someone can share some experience here, that would be great.

    • Apr 07 2014 | 11:26 am
      i think it should be ok, maybe more ok with pattr system than [preset], but not even sure
    • Apr 07 2014 | 3:19 pm
      well I actually use the pattr system, I guess the preset object is just an interface for the pattr system in my case.