Data visualization libraries?

    May 31 2011 | 7:11 am
    hey guys: last months I've ported some processing stuff for doing some DV but I would like to know if there is any specialized library for such propose. Can anyone recommend me a good data visualization library for java/c/c++? has anyone tried to link it to jitter?

    • May 31 2011 | 10:49 pm
      I tried "flare" a flash porting of java "prefuse" but i never linked to Jitter, I would like let me know if you can.
    • Jun 01 2011 | 5:59 am
      Hey micron! thanks for the answer. I was checking out the prefuse project and seems interesting. The package has some really interesting utilities on it( for instance the src/util/force ). As far as I've seen their renderer is using the java abstract window toolkit; they also have their own even listener. Maybe those might the elements to tackle down, to being able to link the utilities inside the package and find the way link it to the gl objects in jitter. As always the question would be how to turn the data into a jitter matrix and then use the sketch object to draw it. We''ll see how it goes.
    • Jun 01 2011 | 7:12 am
      This is my Flare project I would like to translate it into Jitter, My idea is create a number of abstract for data viaulization. If you are interested in working togheter let me know.
    • Jun 01 2011 | 1:01 pm
      hey! sure, maybe you can contact me offline. The project looks cool!