Database Problem

    Jun 21 2013 | 6:41 pm
    I have been using Andrew Brenson's post on SQLite databases to create a database of my own.
    I have begun to take what he has written and use it for my own. Below is a snip bit of what I am using. Everything works fine until it gets to the line of code that reads for(var i=0;i. In the max window it outputs: js: Hold.js: Javascript SyntaxError: missing variable name, line 41 js: source line: for(var i=0;i
    var sqlite = new SQLite;
    var result = new SQLResult;
    var datatypes = ['filePath','acquiredDay','acquiredMonth','acquiredYear','acquiredHour','acquiredMiniute','acquiredSecond','locationX','locationY','locationZ','windSpeed','windDirection','barometricPressure','temperature','redLight','blueLight','greenLight','humidity','time','date','lunarCycle','rainfall'];
    outlets = 2;
    //open a file-based DB
    function opendb(x)
    //setup the DB with all the necessary stuff
    function build_db()
         exec("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS dumpster(name VARCHAR(256),filetype VARCHAR(256))");
    	for(var i=0; i=2){
    		exec("INSERT INTO dumpster ('"
    			for(var i=0;i