de/increment tempo of Ableton Live (or other sequencer)

    Nov 12 2008 | 9:53 am
    i developed this little patch intended for de/incrementing the tempo of Live with Monome button presses. thought it might be useful to some. it s applicable to other sequencers and controllers.
    the patch gets midi clock from live, de/increments the tempo in 1 BPM steps and sends out the new tempo value as midi CC to live. this way live remains the master clock. i prefer this to making max the master as i have 2 more sequencers slaved to live.
    there s rounding errors of around 0.15 BPM because of the necessary scaling to 0-127 and inaccuracy of the incoming MIDI clock and sync~ object. that s good enough for me though.
    here s a discussion about it on the monome forum with some other alternatives involving LiveAPI and python scripting:

    • Jun 08 2011 | 2:04 pm
      hi, is there any development with this patch and the whole syncing issue. i am trying to sync ableton over a network, and have some success. but the drift issue on the midi clock is causing heartache - especially when you take into account latency and jitter as well!