Delay with Launchmode mode switch

    Aug 30 2010 | 1:38 pm
    I've got a monitoring the MAIN_MODES of the Launchpad so that I can restrict my device to only talking to the Launchpad when in 'user 2' mode.
    When the LP is switched to 'user 2' mode from one of the other modes I need to refresh the button matrix. What I'm finding is that, although I'm sending the right set of messages to the Launchpad it's not updating the matrix. If I manually trigger an update that does work, and I confirmed that it's sending exactly the same messages as the update triggered by switching modes.
    After a lot of head-scratching I put a Max delay module between my patcher detecting a switch to 'user 2' mode and the code that updates the Launchpad button matrix. Even a 1ms delay was enough, and the code started working properly.
    Now I know to put in there it's not such a big problem but I am puzzled that you can't update the LP when it's already signalled it's in 'user 2' mode.
    Anyone else come across this?

    • Aug 30 2010 | 8:49 pm
      It may be that you are trying to trigger an API change from another API change...that's a no-no. I think the delay is sometimes enough to prevent this safety feature. You might want to defer it, as well, as putting the delay on it places it in the high-priority thread (which I try to keep the Launchpad out of... just to reserve the cpu cycles for other more important stuff).
      I might be wrong about that...