Detect a specific sound in ambient crowd

    Mar 21 2014 | 11:05 am
    I need to find a good way to detect a specific sound in a room of a museum. People will be given an object that makes a percussive noise (like a clapperboard), and max will detect it and triggers sounds in response to that noise.
    So far I've been playing with bonk~, but I can't get good results using the learn mode. I got bonk working very well to distinct a finished number of various percussive sounds, but not with a specific one between hundreds of noises that could be done in the museum environment.
    Has anyone done something similar? any ideas on how I could tweak bonk to do that? Bonk doesn't seem well documented, plus the mask and debounce messages don't seem to work in max 6. I tried other ways to achieve that, using thresh~, filtering, etc, but maybe there are some good advices to be taken! ?