detect sudden change

    Sep 20 2006 | 4:31 pm
    i have pair of floats i wish to monitor for sudden changes, i use [split] with dynamic +5 -5 on the range pins. that does detect the changes, my problem is... 1] given 2 a pair of numbers, is there some kind of calculation that can set them apart as a pair or do i need to run the split after [unpack]. i now use [Lcent] for this, but maybe there is a better way. 2] watch the lower pair of [multisliders], they make the jump to the new value but then return to the smoothed output and climb from there.
    i am sure there is a method or order of doing thing i miss. ideal is an object that only slidessmooths a list if it is in a predefined range otherwise it jumps straight to the new value.