Detecting BPM from a metronome sample

    Nov 20 2011 | 1:22 pm
    Hi I have a need to detect BPM from a metronome sample, I've made. The reason being it's going into an app that has midi/OSC data out capabilities so I've come up with a work around.
    So I'm making it play a 1 bar metronome sample, with the beep on the 1 being significantly louder. So I'm hoping to detect this louder beep and calculate BPM from it, I'm using this patch. If I test it at 125 it's not always correct, it fluctuates roughly between 125.6 to 124.4. Is there anyway I can improve it's accuracy?

    • Nov 20 2011 | 2:19 pm
      You could try collecting several values with [zl group] and calculate the average with [zl median]. However, the response to tempo changes would then be delayed.
    • Nov 20 2011 | 4:02 pm
      In the DSP status window, make sure "scheduler in overdrive" is checked. That gave me a steady 125. all the time.
      (I used a Boss Dr. Beat metronome to test this)
    • Nov 22 2011 | 11:39 am
      thanks for the tip
      did you do this with my patch? I've not been able to obtain that accuracy even with said setting checked.