detonate (with pianoroll) public beta

    Sep 21 2010 | 5:18 pm
    We have a new version of the classic detonate object. Before including these changes in proper Max release, we want to float them here to see how well they work out in the real-world.
    This version of detonate includes a new pianoroll editor window for Max 5.
    Before trying this version or reporting problems, please be sure to read the included ReadMe file. Here is the download (both Mac and Win versions are included):
    Thanks for playing!

    • Sep 22 2010 | 4:01 pm
      Thanks for this pianoroll editor.
      The first and only MIDI file I tried so far played at the wrong tempo. I uploaded it (toccata1.mid). OSX.6.4, Max5.1.5
      The file plays correctly with QT, and also with CNMAT's mxj midifile, but was too slow when played in denonate.maxhelp->p detonate_example.
      Interestingly, Motu's DP doesn't open the file at all, so there may be something special in it...
      I resaved the file in QT as toccata2.mid (also uploaded), which works at the right speed with detonate.
      You can see in the pianoroll editor the difference between both files.
      I don't know wether it is an issue with the object or with the MIDI file, but it may be interesting to check.
    • Apr 24 2011 | 12:09 pm
      Whats up with the new detonate object? I have an object from September 2010, and its the same as in the above beta, but it does not open the editing window on double click. Max 5.1.8 (45300) OS X 10.6.7
    • Apr 24 2011 | 5:16 pm
      anything from 'the edge' needs to be reinstalled after every single normal update. well, if it is an update to an object, if you catch my drift. including the helpfile. of course you knew that, you just momentarily forgot.
      thanks for reminding me to comment on the 'new' detonate though: i must say i am slightly disappointed by it. it is something i think that is really needed in max feature set, but the new 'piano roll', whilst the ability to embed it is fantastic, generally feels a bit poor. for example the 'patchness' of the interface (black highlighting behind number boxes not properly aligned etc), the unchangeable colour scheme, etc. i was sort of hoping it would have max-5 specialness in it, like the live.step or similar...
    • Aug 31 2011 | 1:35 am
      hi, I don't have a pianoroll either, I have the same problem as stefantiedje double clicking the detonate object doesn't open anything, when I open the help file with the embedded piano roll it has everything but the pianoroll instead in it's place there's just a blank panel which doesn't seem to respond to anything.
      I'm running max 5 on windows 7, I don't understand how pid can view it, pid what are you doing that I'm not lol?
    • Aug 31 2011 | 1:54 am
      there's no pianoroll help file either as there is for all other objects, I wonder if I'm missing some files? if I right click the empty panel a pop up opens asking "open pianoroll help" nothing opens.
      I checked and re checked that I transferred all of the files correctly following all the "read me" instructions.
    • Aug 31 2011 | 11:42 am
      here's some screen shots, I'd really appreciate some advice please.
    • Aug 31 2011 | 11:44 am
      visible domain range won't accept any numerical input either, it's frozen.
    • Aug 31 2011 | 12:06 pm
      are you absolutely sure you have overwritten the old detonate.mxe and detonate.maxhelp and installed the pianoroll.mxe into the correct extensions folder location? there has never been a pianoroll helpfile - as it says in the docs it is unsupported in that way for now.
      if so i cannot help further. this has never been an issue for me - always worked flawlessly...
      i am on a mac though, but there should be no difference. sorry.
      it is a 'beta' after all. i do not expect any cycling74 help on this until at least after max6 has come out, either. such is life.
    • Aug 31 2011 | 12:17 pm
      Hi pid, thanks for replying I'll try with a fresh install of max this time.
    • Aug 31 2011 | 1:54 pm
      success! a fresh instal of max fixed it, I must have hit "don't replace" when copying detonate.mxe at some stage last week.
      Really looks great! double clicking also works fine and opens the pianoroll as described.
      thanks pid.
    • Sep 01 2011 | 6:02 pm
      Hey Tim! It's great to see some progress in this department. Thanks!
      This could be huge. The interface is quite nice, although I have a few feature suggestions for the editor (all of these could be toggle-able in the inspector):
      1. Ability to set default new note length (and the ability to disable the initial note length drag).
      2. Like above, default velocity, channel, track, X1 and X2.
      3. It would be sweet if there was a contextual menu (control click on a note?) with options to quantise that note, change its track, etc.
      4. Some way of editing X1 and X2 visually.
      5. Snap to grid (adjustable grid resolution). Hold shift to toggle snap, depending on whether 'snap' is enabled or disabled.
      6. "Fold" like [live.step].
      7. Being able to set the velocity to 0 doesn't make sense, since velocity 0 = note off.
      8. A big wish for [detonate]: the ability to dump to something other than the Max window. This way we could populate buffers, matrices, and the like, and the new editor could be used as an all-purpose piano roll.
      9. The ability to "timestretch" a selection (with snap to grid)! By this I mean: with multiple notes selected, by holding one of the modifiers, you can drag to scale the length of the selected phrase - affecting the start and end positions, rather than just adjusting the note lengths. FL Studio has something like this; it's hard to explain.
      ^ The above list is a hell of a wishlist, I know :)
    • Sep 01 2011 | 6:07 pm
      Just encountered a strange bug... It's hard to reproduce, but after moving some notes around and changing the zoom (only by interacting with the embedded window) it sometimes becomes impossible to drag a note back to time '0'...
    • Sep 01 2011 | 6:41 pm
      Hmmm... another thought...
      When dragging notes around, overlapping notes of the same pitch on the same track and channel should not be allowed. The note being dragged should maintain its duration, but if it overlaps an existing note it should either 'split' or absorb it.
    • Sep 04 2011 | 1:28 pm
      Hello, I'm glad this object has been updated nicely! I'm not sure I'm in the right thread, but I can't see the scripting name I've given to my detonate object in the pattrstorage inspector. Why? Is it possible to store the sequences without having to open files each time? Thank you!
    • Sep 05 2011 | 4:04 pm
      @lucycle: [detonate] isn't [pattr]-able. AFAICT the only way to store sequences is to write them to a file. This is a great shame. I'll reiterate my biggest feature request:
      8. A big wish for [detonate]: the ability to dump to something other than the Max window. This way we could populate buffers, matrices, and the like, and the new editor could be used as an all-purpose piano roll.
      Oh oh and: The ability to set [detonate]'s contents via lists, so we can populate it from matrices, buffers, and the like.
      I know we can roll our own piano rolls, but I've spent a *long* time making a truly shoddy one, whereas [detonate] is getting very close to what we need, interface-wise. So come on! Let's see some more support so it may one day be finished! A proper in-patcher piano roll! Wouldn't it be sweet? Pretty please?!
    • Oct 04 2011 | 11:03 am
      ^ that's a fairly advanced spam bot :-)
    • Oct 09 2011 | 12:17 am
      Yippie... this looks great! Just one thing though.... the content is saved with the patcher. I however can't seem to store its content using pattrstorage...
      Is this a bug, it being a beta and all? Or rather that the type of content is seen as "not compatible" with pattrstorage? Or, me being silly?
      I could off course make something that loads new midi files in terms of changing the "preset", but would be really cool if it worked with pattrstorage/autopattr as most other things do...
    • Oct 12 2011 | 1:17 am
      Oh my... completely missed that post about detonate not being pattr-able. Shame though! Big feature request from me also...
      Another thing, "Overdubbing"? It seems a record message will delete the current content. Might be this is not that easy to do, with the structure of the object? I can make overdubbing using a second detonate that holds a mirror and feeds into the main one, but it would be a nifty feature!
    • Oct 12 2011 | 2:01 am
      You could also check out the new third-party external here:
    • Oct 12 2011 | 8:03 pm
      That does look pretty neat Timothy! ms however is a no go for my needs though... but maybe that will change down the road. Also saw noteformax, but have no mac...
      detonate is integrated nicely into my system, and despite some funky bugs here and there, plus problems with recording/overdubbing it does the job very well! Having to load midi-files when I change the preset is not a big problem, it happens so very fast and I've just integrated it in a way where I don't even have to think about the actual midi-files :)
    • Oct 14 2011 | 2:02 pm
      A little update: the Max 6 Public Beta ( ) includes detonate with the pianoroll editor now.
      If you have any reports or problems, we will be funneling them in with the rest of the Max 6 feature set so please use the form @
      Thanks! Tim
    • Nov 22 2011 | 1:23 am
      hello everyone...just started playing around with the detonate piano roll editor, and I am wondering, how can you record the note durations so that they are accurately displayed in the editor? does the note information need to be recorded first in something like a coll (having the correct note durations added in) and then output in an appropriate format to detonate? having trouble getting anything to work. thanks in advance for any useful tips!
    • Nov 22 2011 | 12:49 pm
      In theory, a separate collection of note information would not be necessary. According to the reference page note durations can be controlled with note-off events.
      If the velocity is 0--indicating a note-off-- the event will be treated as the end of an earlier note-on the same key, and will determine the duration of that earlier note.
      Just tried it out, but didn't work as expected..