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    Andrew Pask
    Dec 31 2010 | 8:30 pm
    Hi Folks,
    Here's something Daniel from Ableton has come up with.We hope you all might find it a pretty interesting read. If you have any questions please feel free to fire away.

    • David Butler's icon
      David Butler
      Jan 01 2011 | 1:15 pm
      Devices that work on different Live skins is something I'd never considered. Is there any way to use the API to get the current colour-scheme (particularly the background colour), as some of my devices with more advanced UI elements have custom elements which mirror this colour-scheme and therefore don't change with the other objects.
    • AlexHarker's icon
      AlexHarker's icon
      Jan 01 2011 | 2:03 pm
      "Note: Developers can compile Max C-Externals that work on Mac and PC. You will need to use the latest version of Max 5. Please contact Cycling ́74 if you have any questions about compiling cross-platform externals."
      Does this mean something other than providing an mxo and an mxe file compiled for each platform?
    • Bjorn Vayner's icon
      Bjorn Vayner's icon
      Bjorn Vayner
      Jan 01 2011 | 3:32 pm
      There is the live.colors object for that purpose.
    • David Butler's icon
      David Butler's icon
      David Butler
      Jan 01 2011 | 5:09 pm
      Thanks Bjorn, hadn't seen that one before.
    • ShelLuser's icon
      ShelLuser's icon
      Jan 01 2011 | 5:59 pm
      It is an interesting read but also has some contradictions here and there.
      For example; 'device parameters must be stored'. Well, that entirely depends on the patch in question, this isn't always a feasible thing to do. Which becomes clear when reading the next point: 'don't fill the Live undo history'. Funny thing here is that one thing you can do to prevent an object to be "undoable" is by rendering it invisible to Live :-)
      As said; I think its a good read. But it would be better if he also added some information on how to make these points work.
      Storing parameters in the Live set? Make sure the parameter visibility is stored ('Object Inspector' -> Parameter tab -> 'Parameter visibility' option).
      Making sure not to clutter Live's undo? One option is to make a parameter invisible.
      Making sure that an object can be midi mapped? Make sure its not invisible.
      Stuff like that...
      But in the overall this is a very good read and IMO it should be made part of M4L as this will help people new to it having some good things they can focus on.
    • Andrew Pask's icon
      Andrew Pask's icon
      Andrew Pask
      Jan 01 2011 | 6:21 pm
      "Does this mean something other than providing an mxo and an mxe file compiled for each platform?"
      Nope, and in actual fact slightly misrepresents official c74 technical support policy regarding development of 3rd party externs - which is of course "have fun and here's the Dev forum".