device id issues...

    Apr 27 2010 | 9:42 am
    when moving around effects in live i notice their 'device id's' get re-assigned.
    for example: say theres an lfo patch in midi track X controlling a distortion's wet/dry parameter in another track. if the distortion effect is moved around into another track after it's been assigned control from the lfo (and the said live set is then reloaded) - at this point the lfo looses track/control of it's original assignment to the distortion's wet/dry param. is this an issue caused by the way live assigns device id's or a problem within the "m4l.api.SelectDevice.maxpat" itself?
    so my question is, is there a work around for this kind of issue?

    • Apr 27 2010 | 10:49 am
      Here is a quote from the documentation.
      "The id is only valid inside the device with the live.path and remains unchanged as long the object exists. If the object is moved in Live, its id usually remains unchanged. There may be exceptions if the movement is implemented as a delete/create sequence, though. When an object is deleted and a new object is created at its place, it will get a new id.
      An id is never reused in the scope of a Max device. Ids are not stored. Therefore, after loading a saved device, the live.path object must navigate to the object again."