Dictionary querying a json file downloaded from a site

    Jan 03 2019 | 10:47 pm
    Hello, I'm a begginer in the dictionary and Javascript worlds. I have a patch that can download a json file from a web site into dictionary with a [maxurl]. So far all goes well and I can view in my [dict.view] object the correct structure of my imported json file (see attached image). The problem is that I can't query the values of noise (the average key for example). If I send a "get status" message I get the value of status alright, but when I send dictionary a "get average" or "get noise::average" I get an error message saying "index out of range for key noise" ! I can't seem to find the right syntax for dictionary. Can anyone tell me how can I get access to the noise values, please !
    Good day and a Happy New Year.