Dictionary in dictionary, Push to Coll, saving with different suffix

    Mar 02 2017 | 10:49 am
    Ultimately, I am looking for a way to save my dictionary with a different suffix as the default .JSON Since 'dict' couldn't do the task and 'coll' can, I found out that I have to go the 'coll' way. I managed to push the information from my dict to a coll. But... I have sub-dictionaries in my main dictionary and do not know how I can get this data saved in my coll as well. Anyone?

    • Aug 16 2019 | 9:04 pm
      Does anyone have an answer to this? I am now parsing .json dictionaries to COLL that have sub dictionaries and, whilst COLL lists the parent dictionary, it doesn't unpack the sub-dictionaries. Does anyone know how to parse ALL dictionaries and sub-dictionaries to COLL form .json files?
      Many thanks.
    • Aug 17 2019 | 2:30 am
      I strongly suspect this is not possible. For one simple reason: coll is a flat data structure, it has no capacity to represent nested structures. The only way you could do it is to create a heirarchy of colls that reflect the structure of your json data, with a different coll for each (sub-)dictionary, and have a parent coll that refers to the "sub-colls". I suspect this is not the way you'd want to go, as you'd have to design a whole process to parse the data, and use scripting to create and dispose of colls as the data is parsed/changed.