Different behavior of jit.gl.render and erase, on different machines

    May 02 2008 | 1:55 am
    Using XP and 4.6.2 or 5, it's strange, but I get different behaviors when rendering a rotating gridshape: if I gate the "erase" command to the jit.gl.render, and close it, sometimes it looks strange (like a kind of "redraw shadow" over the gridshape), and sometimes it simply creates trails of the shape as I rotate it (which looks decidedly cool and is what I want). Same patch, same Max, same XP, different results. Is this then a graphics card issue? I've even gotten the differing results in the same patch on the same machine...two different render windows behaving differently when the erase isn't on. Pretty sure the render settings are identical too.
    Any thoughts? Is there an attribute setting I'm not aware of? (most likely there are many.... ;) but when one patch does two different things with two jit.gl.renders that have the same settings...that seems bizarre.