Different output from bonk in new max 6 version

    Apr 12 2012 | 12:06 pm
    I'm checking out the bonk external in Max 6 and there are some strange differences.
    In Max 5, the first is a long list (the raw output) print: 31.463232 19.798386 14.345701 7.892957 9.61287 7.675049 8.200112 8.211357 6.133439 4.339313 1.953064
    and the second output used to send three numbers print: 0. 11.908435 2.65821
    Here's from the reference: Bonk's two outputs are the raw spectrum of the attack (provided as a list of 11 numbers giving the signal "loudness" in the 11 frequency bands used), and the "cooked" output which gives only an instrument number (counting up from zero) and a "velocity". This "velocity" is the sum of the square roots of the amplitudes of the bands, normalized so that 100 is an attack of amplitude of about 1. The instrument number is significant only if Bonk has a "template set" in memory.
    However, in Max 6, the object works but the two outputs are reversed!
    Does anyone know why that might be?
    Also, are there any issues with the new 64 bit compatability that might be problematic for third party externals? eg do they need compiling? do they still work okay?
    I attach my simple patch to test this. You'd need to have the object.
    Thanks for reading. Andrew