difficulties with Chorus effect

    Apr 19 2006 | 6:27 pm
    Hi all,
    I created a flanger the other day (eventually) and it sounds pretty good. I tried altering the delay times to create a chorus effect. I read that chorus delay times should be between 20-30 ms (opposed to flangers 0-10 ms delay), so that's what I did using an allpass~ filter. It should work as all I have really done is alter the delay times from my working flanger (though I used comb~ instead of allpass~ in the flanger).
    It doesn't really seem to be doing much except making the source signal a bit louder. Other than that I hear very little (or no) difference.
    Another thing is that I read that you can create a stereo flanger with wide stereo field by putting the oscillators 1/4 of a wavelength out of phase. Tried this too...no success!
    I was hoping someone would be able to point me in the right direction. I'd really appreciate it.
    Here's the code i've got so far. It's supposed to be a dual-voice chorus, but it may be completely wrong!
    Thanks for looking.

    • Apr 20 2006 | 10:29 pm
      don't try to route the modulation signal through the [number~] object. connect it directly to the delay time input of allpass~ and you will here the effect.
      apart from that, as you can see from the diagram in the help-file, an allpass filter is nothing else but two comb-filters (one feedforward, one feedback) cascaded to produce a flat frequency spectrum. for a simple chorus effect you won't need an allpass filter. a tapin~ and a tapout~ with multiple taps (individually modulated) will do the job. maybe that helps. volker.