Direct Video file output and OSC control for Light variation

    May 14 2006 | 12:17 pm
    i will have to work on some special project including some Sound and LED light programing and i thought MaxMsp may be the solution: The project is module with synchronized lights and sound, it will features 10 LEDS and some HP for sound, and a WindowCE OS. Programs will be 15 to 20 minute long with light and sound evolution (which i'm mainly taking care of). We want to create some sequencer to easily program the light evolution synchronized to the sound, they would be 12 controls in our sequencer plus a fixed stereo audio flux.
    Are midi controls fine enough for the light variation (mainly when getting close to zero) or should i turn to a OSC input controler?
    What would be the output format of this created file?
    i thought that if i could visualise and output the controls variations as a video representation (a 12 pixels video file representing the 12 controls on a scale of 256 colors by pixels representing the steps of the parameters) it would save some space in the module and mainly simplified the need for programing in the module PC itself as the output file could sum the audio and "light" info. The Modul itself would then have a decoder that would analyse the 12 pixels of the Video file into data for the LEDS. It will also be able to loop the video files with particular markers...This would also help when upgrading the module with new sequences.
    I don't know if this is really clear...i know that MaxMsp can't output MP3 format file, but can it output some video file? If i could just export a Video file containing Audio and video representation of the Pixels, i could then encode it to a lighter format. As anyone work on a similar thing?
    Thks K

    • Jul 10 2006 | 12:04 pm
      no one has an idea regarding this? :-(