directX 10 and jitter??

    Mar 23 2008 | 3:12 pm
    Hello I'm going to upgrade my machine for openGl tasks on multiply monitors. Plan to get better grahic cards (at the moment there are 2 Nvidia GT7600). Checked the forum, but did not find much specifically about DirectX 10. So few questions: Is directX 10 supported by Jitter? Are not there some other limitations. I've tried a while ago on another machine Nvidia cardS with DirectX 10 (CLUB, 2 videocards) and immediately QT movie have crashed MAX. I did not had time to check it, but older cards with direct X 9 worked fine. Also thinking about Windows 64 and more then 2 GB of RAM. Any recommendations would greatly help. thanks ar advance Alex
    Windows XP SP2, AAMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core, Jitter 1.6.3

    • Mar 23 2008 | 5:16 pm
      i am just guessing here, but i would say jitter will have very little, if any support for direct 10. 3d stuff is all done with opengl, so no usage there. where would it even come into play? there's only one dx specific object i'm aware of.
      not to say jitter wouldn't work with a dx10 enabled card, as long as quicktime works and opengl works. but i don't think you would make use of the dx10 features with jitter.
      someone correct me if i'm wrong. -rob
    • Mar 23 2008 | 6:28 pm
      Hi Alex, Jitter does not support DirectX in 3D. It does use it for video capture, but that is it. That said, DirectX 10 is often used to describe shader model 4 functionality (i.e. Geometry Shaders). OpenGL supports this too. The current version of Jitter does not support Geometry Shaders, but future versions will.