disable ALL activity in a max for live device

    Dec 22 2012 | 8:42 pm
    Hello, I have a device that I am using that interferes with Live's ability to play back automation, however Live goes back to working perfectly the second the device is deleted from a track. I thought this would mean that if I simply disabled the device that it would have the same effect, turns out it doesn't, still seems to conflict with Live, is there a command I can use to COMPLETELY disable all activity within the device even more so than turning off the device would? I'm imagining some message that could be sent to a thispatcher object that would stop all calculations whether they be audio or otherwise, as well as cut all communication between live and the device.

    • Dec 23 2012 | 9:46 am
      I don't know about switching a whole device off- I'd be interested in that too!
      I do switch off observer objects in my patchers by sending them an object Id 'id 0' if I want to make sure they don't interfere or use up resources. In fact I've created a little abstraction which is a live.observer with an on/off toggle input.