display annoyances only with Max

    Jan 18 2007 | 9:17 am
    A new system is cleanly installed on an old machine of mine (2.8Ghz / 1G ram) with Max 457 on Windows XP pro SP2. When i drag / manipulate empty windows in Max while a low-weight UI patch is already loaded (5 bpatchers with only regular ui objects : ubumenu, messages, toggles...), i have strong display malfunction : all Max gets really dirty and the empty windows is drawned only every second... I guess it's not a Max problem because the same patches on my rotten laptops don't mess like this, but it only happends with Max on the other machine, so...
    This patch is also full of autopattr. But i have deleted bpatchers after bpatchers to catch the problem, and when no pattr objects are here, the problem remains.
    The graphic card is an Nvidia GeForce Ti 4200 (128M); the latest drivers from Nvidia support page are installed; DirectX is 9.0c; no hardware conflict...
    Could it comes from the monitor itself ? Because it's a very old CRT ones which i am, maybe, pushing to the limits (85 hertz).
    Any ideas ?
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