Displaying two webcam unibrain on macbook pro

    Jun 14 2011 | 8:37 pm
    Dear all, I encounter a problem with my Macbook Pro Snow leopard 10,6.7 processeur 2,66 Ghz intel core i7 mémoire 4Go 1067 Mhz DDR3. Here I try to connect two cameras Unibrain Fire-i with the converter FireWire 800/600 and the other via a firewire 600 cable I put these between two cameras. Strangely it happens the nextdoesn't appears. Automatically iChat opens, I validate its proposition after one Unibrain camera is detected. Only the second can't work on my macbook, always displays the second camera as iSight. I would like to know how must I do two displays two unibrain webcam... and not the I sight. Thanks