distorted / lowres. quality when switching between laptops

    Sep 20 2010 | 11:20 am
    i'm experiencing a degraded/distorted video resolution problem when running a jitter patch on two different computers/OS's: it's a simple patch based around a jit.qt.movie object set at 1440x900. the videos i'm attempting to load are also 1440x900 (quicktime/H.264). i'm using two machines: macbook pro 15inch running OSX 10.5 and macbook pro 13inch running OSX 10.6 (SL). Max version on both machines is 5.0.6.
    when loading the videos on the 15inch macbook pro, everything works just fine. however, when loading the videos on the 13inch, the videos are shown distorted - strange artifacts in the typography and generally a lower image quality. i thought this might have something to do with the size of the screen / display settings of the 13inch, tried to connect a 17inch external screen and play with the display settings a bit, but i wasn't able to find a solution or even understand what causes the problem. when i try to load the videos on the 13inch using a standard video player (quicktime/VLC) they show up just fine, so i reckon it has something to do with max/jitter or maybe the difference in OS's?
    please advise!
    thanks in advance, K.

    • Sep 20 2010 | 8:02 pm
      please try upgrading to latest version of max/msp. if that does not fix the problem, please provide a simple test patch which demonstrates the problem. thanks.
    • Sep 21 2010 | 11:04 am
      thanks for the reply (and not much thanks to the following spammer). the trouble was fixed by simply enabling the 'interp' attribute of jit.window object. i despise those tiny little Max switches that can systematically make you spend hours trying to figure out what's going wrong!