Do I have to close Max to re-compile an external?

    Aug 05 2011 | 4:16 pm
    Hello all,
    Ive Just started messing with the SDK. Ive built some of the examples using eclipse and MinGW and everything seems to compile and work fine. My only gripe is that I carnt rebuild an external if Max has allready loaded that external in a patcher (even if I close the patcher), so I have to restart Max everytime I want to change something. Ive used Java before and I could send the Zap message to reload the class. Is there any way to do this with SDK externals? Its just a little annoying having to close MAX just to re-build something.
    Sorry for the n00bish question, but I just wanted to make sure I wasnt missing some easy way to release the external, so I could build another.

    • Aug 05 2011 | 6:51 pm
      I thought I read the way to do this was without full restart was to remove all current mxj objects from all patchers, and create one again, and it will read a new jvm in, and init it with latest copy of named class? This is why having external dev environment pointing to the Max classpath for output is prob the best cconfig: compile chnges to java of object in the external IDE, and then re-instance mxj with the class, and it will be refreshed. As long as the same jvm image is in a mxj object, it will use the class it orignally found, or somesuch... BUT: my memory may be defective, why should my work provided DELL laptop be the only one with defective memory?
    • Aug 05 2011 | 7:50 pm
      Thanks for the replys guys....
      @ Charles Yep, I think that is the case when using Java, but I was referring to the SDK 'C' externals not mxj objects. I was hoping that there was a shortcut like you explained, but for compiled .mxe objects, but it doesnt look like there is.
      @ vanille
      Thanks...I thought that may be the case.