Documentation bug?

    Feb 14 2007 | 8:33 pm
    Can anyone please explain what the following sentence is supposed to
    mean (taken from Chapter 9 of WritingExternals.pdf, p. 159 under the
    heading "Creating Schedulers"):
    "This is a more general
    facility than the setclock object routines, but unlike using the time
    from a setclock object to determine when a Clock function runs, once
    a Clock is tied to a scheduler, it CreatingCreatingCreating."
    The last word appears to be the result of over-enthusiastic Find &
    Replace, although I might be mistaken. Two sentences later the
    documentation comes to a rather abrupt close, resembling a V-VI
    cadence. As it stands I'm having a hard time getting my head around
    this paragraph.
    I'm using the MaxMSP 4.5.5 SDK, which TTBOMK, is the most recent
    complete version.
    Thanks -- P.
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