does any one know how to use iControl with max msp?

    Apr 10 2006 | 8:03 am
    I'd love to have something with knobs and sliders to control my max msp patches, I have an mAudio icontrol and was wondering if anyone knows a way to interface it with max?

    • Apr 10 2006 | 8:22 am
      Have you looked at the hi object ? Plug your device in, open the, click the menu message to refresh the list, & if it shows up in the menu, tweak & observe, cheers Roger
    • Apr 10 2006 | 9:18 am
      if hi doesn't work (which is quite often in my experience) have a look at Junction, an application by steim for pretty extensive usb to midi mapping. costs a bit, but could be worth it
      -- robin
    • Apr 10 2006 | 9:27 am
      when i try to use hi i get a message: error: hi: no such object
      do you know why this would be, is it an extra install?
    • Apr 10 2006 | 10:23 am
      shouldn't be...but if you haven't got it then go to and you can get it. just put it in the externals folder like any other external
      -- robin
    • Apr 11 2006 | 7:49 am
      thanks for the suggestions, fixed the missing hi object, but it didn't work with icontrol, so no answer yet, but i'll keep pluggin