Jan 30 2006 | 5:16 pm
    for those who are using my DOShack external to launch DOS commands from
    MaxMSP (some sort of a Shell for Windows), i've uploaded a new version
    with a fix for a weird bug. The previous version worked for me untill
    yesterday, without any problems. But since, the most interesting
    commands need to be launched from the path "C:WINDOWSsystem32" to be
    recognized, so i made a quick fix for this.
    As usual, you can find it here :
    Use the same Help file as for DOShack; just replace the class in the mxj
    by DOShack_fix.
    This is still an /alpha version/, so any bug report would be
    appreciated. As far as i know, the only remaining one is that when you
    launch an external application (for example, notepad.exe), it is
    launched inside Max and hangs it as long as it is opened...
    I wonder if anyone who tried this external before had any problems or is
    it just my Windows which is fucked up.
    best regards