Downsampling porblem with poke~ and *~/mstosamps~

    May 13 2006 | 10:31 pm
    I'm working through some looper patches and having some issues with poke~ that are causing my recorded audio to be downsampled (to control rate, I think). I have a phasor~ working as an lfo to drive both a play~ and a poke~, but the samples recorded by the poke are being downsampled when I compute the ms index in a particular way. The path is:
    [phasor~ 1] -> [*~ 1000] (compute ms) -> [mstosamps~] -> poke~
    the ms (after the [*~ 1000] also goes to the play, since it operates on ms index into the buffer. I have also tried substituting the [mstosamps~] with [*~ 44.1] but the problem persists. When I substitute the mstosamps and the ms for a single [*~ 44100], however, the recording works. (ie. when
    [phasor~ 1] -> [*~ 44100] -> [poke~]
    I can get around this using dspstatus and some other workarounds, but I'd like to do it the clearest way and can't for the life of me figure out what's going wrong.
    Anyone have any ideas?