Drag'n'Drop with drag location

    Oct 18 2012 | 11:26 pm
    I am developing an UI object which, among other things, features drag'n'drop behavior. Everything is working well however I need to know the x/y location of the drag point as I am dragging - for instance - from the filebrowser upon my object. According to where on my object I drag, different messages have to be sent to it. In ext_drag.h there is a function prototype that makes me hope what I want to accomplish is possible.
    The prototype in question is:
    void jdrag_getlocation(t_object *dg, long index, double *xpos, double *ypos);
    I tried using it and even though I managed to get it to compile in my code, the result is that xpos and ypos always get 0.0, no matter where I am dragging.
    A first sketch of the code is as follows:
    long myobj_acceptsdrag_locked(t_myobj *x, t_object *drag, t_object *view)
        long flags = 0;
        // I am interested only in textfiles
        if (jdrag_matchdragrole(drag, gensym("textfile"), flags)) {
            double xpos, ypos;
            jdrag_getlocation(drag, 0, &xpos, &ypos);
            object_post((t_object *)x, "pos %.2f %.2f", xpos, ypos);
            // this always return 0.0 in both xpos and ypos
            return 1;
        return 0;
    This code works well in the sense that when I drag a text file upon my object, the object's border is highlighted and the file recognized, however xpos and ypos always return 0.0.
    The patcher object must have a mechanism to report the drag location because I can create objects in a specific location of the patcher simply by dragging and dropping to that location.
    What am I doing wrong? How can I know the drag location in my external?
    Thanks a lot for any help.
    - Luigi