Draw custom shapes with audio in XY mode (to scope~, oscilloscope or laser)

    Sep 28 2012 | 8:21 pm
    Hi all,
    I'm trying to display custom shapes on an oscilloscope or a laser. For both devices i need to send two audio signals to my sound card output (or to scope~ object, it's the same algorithm) in XY mode.
    Basically, the shape comes from edges of a Jitter matrix (jit.robcross > jit.rgb2luma). Till now i only managed to display it on a LCD with jit.iter but i don't know if it'll be useful. I guess i need to: - Vectorize matrix with as less different curved lines as possible - Compute X and Y channels of this shape - Transform X and Y channels into audio signal
    Is it the right process? If yes, how to do the two first steps? Should i use OpenGL functions to vectorize shape? With an OpenGL shape, how to compute X and Y channels ?
    Many thanks for your help !