draw texture to jit.gl.gridshape from lcd object

    Jan 20 2010 | 11:33 pm
    I've been searching for something like this in the forums, but can't seem to find the right words. I have a procedural drawing going on in an lcd object, and I want to use it as a live texture for a sphere (eventually multiple spheres). I'm pretty sure I've seen live drawings on 3D objects before, but don't know how to do it. If anyone has any tips on what to search for or which tutorials are useful, it'd be a big help. Thanks!

    • Jan 25 2010 | 10:00 pm
      You might try moving over to jit.lcd instead, and then patching the output through jit.gl.texture to the jit.gl.gridshape. Check that out and post back if you have any trouble.
    • Jan 25 2010 | 11:25 pm
      In that way is it possible to do some fluid tail?
      Luis Marques