Drum machine game

    Mar 09 2006 | 1:47 am
    Im attempting to build a game in max (pc), it will be in the style of a drum machine and what it will do is play a 4 bar drum beat with the 1st instrument (kick sample) and I will have to repeat that beat and then when I get that right it goes into a continuous loop and the next pattern will play with a diff instrument (hi hat). So what basically happens is as you do this you build up the elements of a track and score points
    Problem I am having is getting max to play looped messages to time. For some reason I keep having reoccurring problems with switches and counters not initializing and switching on the 1st beat
    Someone told me I could do this with detonate and get it to playback basic rhythms and when you play them back in it would send a bang out confirming you got it right. Having spent all day trying to loop detonate I am starting to wonder if it’s even possible. I set a time going which on ever beat the time from the start of the loop was sent into detonate but when I played it back it as out of time (1st beat all the time) and much slower
    Anyone any pointers on this, maybe there’s a simple way of doing it and im missing it, is detonate worth the hassle as Im reading on this forum that there’s all kinds of problems with it. The main issues is the synchronization of the thing, perhaps theres some good example patches out there
    Sorry about the essay

    • Mar 09 2006 | 7:59 am
      I don't know if i get u totally, but it sounds to me u have a problem with the timing of the beats. I prefer sync~ to use as timer instead of tempo/metro. I would not recommend detonate for this, but i don't exactly what u want to do.
    • Mar 09 2006 | 9:24 pm
      Thanks artcore. I will look that object up
      Probably my best bet is to rebuild this from scratch and see what happens