dsp question

    Nov 22 2011 | 5:48 am
    hello : )
    I wonder, is it possible in max/msp to have audio inputs (ADC 1 2) and also rewire at the same time, so that a sequencer like logic or cubase can be controlled (with host control?)
    At the moment the only way i can see to have inputs(adc) in max/msp and also control of a sequencer on the same machine is to use midi to send start/stop instead of host control.
    i like host control and host sync but they do not work when ad_rewire is enabled.
    perhaps max 6 fixes this? Or maybe there are externals that may help.
    thanks for any info.
    : )

    • Nov 22 2011 | 8:34 pm
      found a semi-workaround
      open one patch in max and the other in runtime, within each patch paste the features you need from the dsp window (it is actually a patcher) so that you can control the dsp settings individually within each patch.
      so,one patch is rewire and the other patch connects to your sound card with ADC & DAC
      I am still not able to get ad_rewire and the use of my soundcard ADC within the same max patch, which is a shame.
      i wonder if this will ever be a feature?
    • Nov 24 2011 | 9:43 pm
      im having trouble with the ad_rewire too, in max 6 it seems not to work as the tutorial online instructs. i'm looking to have my patch built as an exe and then rewire-able into protools.
      i've been having headaches like nothing else with this.
    • Nov 24 2011 | 10:23 pm
      get your patch to work in max before you build any .exe , do not try to go too many steps ahead.
      also , always load protools first ,then load max, this helps your sequencer to see max with rewire. ( ad_rewire in dsp panel)
      Inside protools there should be a section where you enable the channels.
      try hostsync~ ( i think thats the right module?) and see if you can control transport of your sequencer. once you get it working it should just be a case of exporting to .exe. : ?
      it works in nuendo on xp. although i haven't tried exporting to .exe with max 6. ive only every make plugins and .exes with max 4
    • Nov 24 2011 | 10:26 pm
      maybe its your copy of protools? try nuendo or cubase just to see, (if you can you get a copy ? demo?)
      try max 5. go to the cycling '74 demo archives.
    • Nov 28 2011 | 1:01 am
      im trying to have it working as a standalone rewireable project so for those without max, but using protools etc it will still work as a rewire application.
      so i need max not to be running, only the standalone i built.
      you see?
    • Nov 28 2011 | 7:58 am
      I believe what your asking is not actually a dsp question as i notice your other thread regarding the .exe opening in max and being editable. therefore your work is not protected right?
      if you are also having dsp trouble as you asked this question in this dsp thread, please follow my guides to locate the problem.
      did you try copying the dsp panel into your project before you build the .exe? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8R22Czfx7o
      did you try opening protools first? then open the .exe?
      do you actually get sound and host control to protools after this? if all else fails do as i did try max 5 to build the exe?
      thats all i can think of regarding dsp.
      as regards security of a patch this exe should be fine,
      if you wish to hide your work, maybe you can find a way to lock the patch in presentation mode?
    • Dec 01 2011 | 11:07 am
      sorry for the late response, yes i have the audio status patcher in my project and available to those using it as standalone, when i have PT open, i then open my standalone and change the audio settings to ad_rewire it just freezes.
      i'll try and rebuild in MAX5 but i have a max6 licence and this involves downloading the trial period which will not really serve me in the long run for future patches.
      thanks for your help it's most appreciated.