Dynamic 2d text over video

    Dec 07 2011 | 11:57 am
    Patches working with text are appreciated.
    For a musical project, I put voices regarding the same subjects into music. For the audience to follow what the different persons say, I'd like to display it as text over video. I wish to launch these text messages (eg. but necessarily stored in coll/text) from a midi controller. Furthermore, I would like the messages to start from the bottom, then go to the middle of the screen when the next text message is triggered, and go to the top when the next one is triggered, so that all the text material goes from the bottom (currently spoken in the music) and and up, so that people are able to remember and put the different statements into context.
    I would like to do this in open gl, as I have an open gl patch, I'd like to implement it to, but if you have suggestions for text in jitter without open gl they are welcome as well… Being able to clear the window of all text and loading new texts (songs/lyrics really) in a handy manner would be nice.
    Just in case you are going to tell me or ask:
    - I am aware of recipe 28 "Subtitles". - I know how to make a connection between a midi controller and max/jitter. - I did search around. Don't think a lot of people use max in this area. This patch is helpful for what I want, but I don't know how to get started modifying it + it isn't in open gl.

    • Dec 11 2011 | 1:12 pm
      Here is what I have so far. It has some functionality, but not handy.
      1. Nice ideas for loading coll with a text file for each track, eg. using list? 2. How to connect jit.qt.movie/grab without the flickering? 3. How do I avoid coll writing "symbol" before some of the text? 4. As I'd like the lyrics, to start rendering only from the bottom (as these are the only lyrics heard so far), how do I avoid rendering the lyrics above, already stored in coll and banged along with everything else. I tried with change, but I wasn't smart enough.